Sunset at Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe.

Barely keeping it together right now.. It’s draining trying to stay positive when there’s so many things weighing you down.. I really feel like I can break down at any minute. 😔

Waiting for the rest of the fam.


Melo scores 62 on the Bobcats, breaks Kobe’s MSG scoring record, and JR Smith makes sure to get that camera time.


Stephen Curry earned the most votes of any Western Conference backcourt player, receiving a total of 1,047,281 votes.
Great work, #DubNation.


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That moment when you realize how important photographs with loved ones will mean to you for the rest of your life.




And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Get Sick In America

Many believe that the US healthcare system is the best in the world. Not so according to the World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems. The US doesn’t even rank in the top 25. It ranks 37th and is the most expensive in the world. I would argue that even if we had the best healthcare system in the world, what good is it, if no one can afford to access it.

Most companies are buying 60/40-policys for their employees these days, but even if you are lucky enough to have good insurance with 80/20-policy coverage, that 20 percent your responsible for can drive you right into bankruptcy as easily as the 60-40 policy given the cost of healthcare.

Insurance cost have been going up dramatically in the last two decades, long before the new Affordable Healthcare Act has taken affect, in some cases as much as 35% per year.

But have you noticed the latest trick the insurance companies have roll out?

Yes, Higher Deductible… most averaging $5,000 per year, per person, but I have seen some as high as $10,000 per year. For those of you that are wondering, this tactic is specifically designed too stop you from using your insurance. It reduces the insurance companies out of pocket liability by shift costs onto consumers, especially those dealing with chronic illness such as diabetes and arthritis. Consequently, because consumers can’t afford the deductible they will avoid necessary care to save money.

Although insurance companies are a problem, the real crocks is the healthcare system it self. A corrupt and bloated system desperately in need of reform!

I spent a night in the ER once. I waited 6 hours to get seen by a doctor because of overcrowding. I got X-rays, IV saline, and a prescription to be filled elsewhere after laying in a bed for 3 hours, then sent home. My 80% coverage - only something I have by virtue of being a student - still left me with $542 to pay.

$542 for saltwater and an X-ray and a set of fresh linens after I left and someone said “go get some antibiotics.”

Yeah my hospital bill was $56,000 so awesome >_>